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This is an extract from It's Nice That article about my Taking Pictures project:


"We’ve all been there, if it’s a Beyonce concert or an arboretum, even just a donut shop, someone’s taking a picture. David Ryle’s timely project doesn’t have an angry rant at phone and camera users, but bathes them in what could be the warmest photographic light we’ve seen in a long while. David Ryle makes his subjects teeny tiny and puts them in places where nature is so beautiful and gloriously enormous, that it reminds us that in the grand scale of things, we’re still pretty much plankton. Rather than complaining about the whole phone photo thing (which can be very easy and tempting to do when your’e a trained photographer with a proper camera) he’s just reminding us, through incredible images, to calm down and look around. Thank you David!

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